Donnerstag, 3. März 2011


I need to be myself, I can't be no one else - I'm feeling supersonic.
Actually I really do feel supersonic at the moment. Having a real good time in Brighton and enjoying life. Today my teacher told me I'll probably be able to do the Proficiency-Course (so the best of all) which made my day.
I met some lovely people and spent the whole days walking. The very best way to describe Brighton is that here old and young come along for a beer in a pub and later they're listening to a (not yet) known rock-band. There are several vintage and not so vintage stores in hidden alleys and busy streets. Sometimes you drop into a very special store which you won't find anymore because you were straying in the lanes and searching for the exit. Brighton spreads a lot of energy and the people here are very open-minded. I'm feeling absolutely comfortable and could stay here for life at the moment. Really fell in love with that lovely little city and the people in it. BRIGHTON MAKES ME FEEL SUPERSONIC!
Recommend it to everybody xxx

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  1. Hey, schöne Worte! Denke immerzu an dich. Wir haben neuse Internet und in der Anfangzeit ist es wohl normal, dass es so gut wie nie funtioniert, aber jetzt läuts grad und da schreib ich also...
    Küsse aus dem frühlingshaften Züri, deine Tante & Bohne