Montag, 30. Mai 2011


Was listening to that song the last few days. It's having sex with my ears!

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

fascinating young-photographer Terra Kate. I adore her work - It makes me dream and see the reality clearly the same time. Just had an overwhelming weekend - those pics sort of express the feelings I went through. First I went to a friends pub and spent the whole evening sitting at the bar and having fun with my friends (the two barkeepers). After I met my Canadian. The next day I forgot my keys at home and crashed at his. Was really good, though. We had a whale of the time. But now so glad to lie in my own bed with a cup of tea wrapped in my cuddly duvet and listening to The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anemone. Exactly what I need at the moment. Hope you're all fine and enjoying your weekend.

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

I Am Your Grandma

That's ... like ... art!

Breathtaking Ireland

I didn't know that Ireland is that mindblowingly beautiful! I'd love to go there. It's absolutely stunning... Also the Irish are quite stimulating. Maybe I'll go there soon, depends on what will be or won't be.

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

Melt Away

I love him! He's THE most handsome man in the world - No, he is Mr. Handsome-mixed-with-Sexy-mixed-with-the-most-beautiful-eyes-in-the-world-mixed-with-makes-me-faint. Hach, and guess what?!? My sweetheart looks like him...

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Weepy Lust For Meat?!?

Wonderful Crystal Renn by Terry Richardson for Festin. What a lovely satire! That's how it is, isn't it? Devouring other creature's cadaver. Hm, if you're comfortable with that, why not?!? Enjoy!

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

The Black Angels

They're a real indulgence for one's ears. Listen to their albums all the time. Got a soft spot for them these days because of a profoundly interesting person, which popped into my life and made me think about many things. Truly, an inspiration!

Own Costume?

Well, I thought about the world-rescueing-thing and conclude that I definitely should have my own uniform. My models are Wonder Woman (Lydia Carter), Catwoman (Julie Newmar), and Barbarella (Jane Fonda). They all used their talents to rescue the world - although Barbarella was more luscious than "active with a superhero-weapon-thing" but still effective. I'm thinking about some retro-rock'n'roll-chic uniform...It shouldn't be too short nor too long. Or preferable something more hippie? Have you got any ideas? 

Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

Touch of Surreality

One of the best parts of photography is that there are so many different styles. In this case, Turkey-native Metin Demiralay shows us how one can combine human and nature photography to create breathtakingly beautiful scenes. Undoubtedly, It all comes together in an elegant and innocent way. Metin not only captures his subjects' oneness with nature, he also creates magical and colorful work of art that will leave you stunned and speechless.


At what age do we stop and forget about what it was like to be a kid? I hope the answer to that question is never. Lissy Laricchia has that rare ability to make our imaginary worlds come to life with her magical photos. Child-like, but never childish, her unique photos will draw you in and keep you spellbound for hours on end.


Lissy Laricchia

Many things go through my mind at the moment and I really get to the point where I doubt all my beliefs...Don't really know if I get there where I want to, with what I'm going to do. Well, actually I HAVE TO do those things but it's kind of a fear of doing the wrong things at the wrong time and missing experiences I'd love to have... 

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

And We'll always Have Brighton

 Here's looking at you, Kid...

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

What really made me laugh today. The sad thing is, that "Boys" really are like that - nothing changes when they become older. Anyway, those two are absolutely hilarious. Check some of their official videos out and have a laughter. Seriously they're pretty much fun! I think my aunt brought me round that band. My live became way more funny since I knew them ;) All their stuff is really self- and world-critical, sarcastic and simply just marvelous. I love 'em...

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

What I Really Want

Wouldn't that be nice just living in the australian outbacks or the american countryside, having a livestock farm and enjoying your life in the nature? I'd love to live on a comfortable farm and run a horse breeding. How peaceful would that be? But on the other hand I think the people out there need somebody who wants to change something and to help them, so there's no choice - I have to go and rescue the world and can't build up my own range (Well who knows where I'll be in a few decades. Maybe on a range, with some lovely kids, an adorable man and a horse breeding? xxx

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

I try and I try, but I can't get enough

Crave for them

I got definitely a craving for them. They're amazing. There's a irregular choice shop here in Brighton - alone just a visit in this shop is an adventure. I'd like seduce some special guys with them *dancing on the moonlight*
I'm a constant sinner

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Conscience Killer

Homage to that stunning but weird evening with some strange incidents

White Lies - To Lose My Life

Long time no see. Hope everyone out there is all right and everything's going how it should. I finally returned to life and got internet again (phew bless god). I'm sitting in a nice cafe next to a massive church and listening to that amazing song. Just thought about the lyrics and wonder how this situation is for other people. Would you rather lose your love or your life? In my opinion it depends on how long you've been with that person and on how vulnerable you are. I'd prefer to stay alive because this person will continue living in my mind... It'll surely take you a time to come over the whole situation but after that it should be possible to come back into life. Your love wouldn't want you to die just because he/she died. On the other hand I reckon people who spend nearly their whole life together became really similar so they bodies and minds work in the same way. Furthermore the lost of your most loved person causes psychological and as a result also physical problems which could finally end into dead. How strange to think about that - Maybe I just don't get it because I haven't found the "right" person yet. Is the right person that person you'd die for...?