Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011


Spent a lovely day with my family outside! We went for a 3 hours hiking tour - from Vals to Zerfreila during which I took the photos above. After a snack we returned to Vals by sledge, which was absolutely hilarious. It took us around one hour. So you can imagine how long the way was. My sledge was an old timer and quite stubborn. I was randomly gliding from the one side of the slope to the other. In addition my lovely dog got freakily crazy by seeing us sledging and started bumping into us. She was just crazily barking around... I had to watch out for not driving into her, which was quite a challenge. Hope you all have a wonderful christmas time! 

Lots of love


Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011


Seriously guys, this is the most amazing invention ever! My first experience I had with the paternoster elevator was at the age of six. I was extremely flabbergasted! It was love at first sight. I pretty like the idea of entering the paternoster without opening a door - you just have to jump into it... Paternoster elevators were quite popular in the first half of the 20th century. They were taken out of service because of the high risk of accidents - falling over when trying to enter the elevator. But guys, wouldn't life be a bit more adventurous having them again? You know, just as an option besides a normal elevator in selected places, such as libraries, museums or places like that. I am freakily in love with paternoster... 

lots of love


Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (Official Video)

I'm not really into Lady Gaga as I prefer natural voices which aren't technically modified, but I do find this clip is rad! Love the surreal trashiness and the homage to the 80ies as I'm a big fan of that decade's music. And gosh, that Lady can dance, which I didn't know at all! It's nice to see here in a way she really looks like (as much as that's possible). She's actually pretty sweet.

Lots of love


Lindsay for Playboy

I love the classiness of the photos. It's like old Playboy photos used to be. Love the homage to Marilyn. Lindsay was photographed by Yu Tsai (as you know, he's one of my favorite photographers). So well done Lindsay and well done Yu. Hopefully, this will lead Lindsay out of her master of disaster lifestyle.

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

The Butterfly Circus [Short Film HD]

This is the most beautiful film I've ever seen. I always gotta cry in the last 5 mins. It's so amazing. Seriously! So breathtaking, heart touching - magnificent!
The Butterfly Circus is an american short film produced by Joshua and Rebekah Weigel in 2009. They shot the film with a crew of 150 in San Gabriel Mountain, Riverside, Palmdale and Santa Clarita in South California. It only took them twelve days to film it. The inspiring australian Nick Vujicic who was born without arms or legs received the Best Actor award for his starring performance as "Will" at the Method Fest Independent Film Festival in 2010. Check him out! He is so crazily inspiring. Although I'm not really into religious affairs (he's an international motivational and evangelistic speaker) he really is an inspiration (and has quite a good voice)

lots of love 


Montag, 14. November 2011

Digitalism in Zurich

That concert was just awesome! Such as good atmosphere - haven't been dancing for ages (well not really but u know...) and that was really the best concert for ever. All the pretty babes I saw again (two of my best friends I haven't seen for a year)... Yeah it was def a great evening. Oh and I got the new iPhone and I took the video with it - It's such a good quality (for a mobile phone!) I'm stunned.
Had to finish my term paper for uni which was kinda stressful. But finally I got there ... Hope you guys are fine and everything's going well.

Lots of love and an thousand hugs


Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Alison Scarpulla

The New York-based Alison Scarpulla really came into photography when she was 15. I love her style, which clearly stands out in contemporary photography. Her pictures have a touch of morbidity and psych.. Looking at them is like experiencing a psychedelic trip. What I love about her photography is, that it's not the normal stuff - she's going her own way and is very different from nowadays photography...to see more stunning photos check out her site here.


Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Ellen Rogers

Ellen Rogers in a London-based fashion photographer. Her work is signed by "timeless dream worlds where temptresses seduce and lure you into unknown, dark lands" (http://ellenrogers.co.uk/). Rogers works all-analogue, which means that she does not use any digital equipment or photo editing with the computer. She invented new techniques by experimenting with "traditional darkroom processes".
I really love her art. Every photo captures you with its own magic. They are pretty mystical and gloomy, which makes them even more interesting. It is as you could virtually grab the mood of the photos. In my opinion she's one of the most outstanding photographers in our time... 

Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Esst mit Honig geröstete Kürbiskerne und Sonnenblumenkerne
my Mum agreeing that the chocolate-business is horrendously cruel!

Remembering Brighton

Four months passed since I came back from Brighton. Took those photos during my stay there (unfortunately my camera was broken after a few weeks so couldn't capture every breathtaking moment, annoying seagull, or every cup of tea I drank) I always remember Brighton as a peaceful place where freedom is lived how it should be. I'm actually planning my next trip to the UK. Hopefully will get there after my exams in february. Need to stock up on good vibes, which are kinda rare here. Wanna see all the pretty babes again and wanna party hard. Would love to sit in preston park with a really good friend talking about the universe, dancing on the moonlight, or whatever pops up in our minds. How I miss this guy! Even if the UK isn't that far away it still needs time to go there - and as a student u don't really have much. 
    That sounds a bit materialist but I got to buy some new cloths so badly! Since I was in the UK I just can't buy anything here. It's sort of nonsense - way too expensive, not my kind of style, bad quality - you know just conform stuff for too much money. People here just don't want to walk to a different drummer - but I do! Being a free spirit is sometimes not that easy as it seems to be. 
    To all of you who haven't been to Brighton yet (and think the brits are donnish, firm and conservative) I warmly recommend a visit in Brighton for getting some new impressions. It's not San Francisco (as you folks now I love it more than another city) but it's pretty close to it in an english way.

lots of love xxx

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

A regular Uni-Day

Have been sitting in the library for 8 hours (it's 4 pm so will stay here for a bit longer). Folks who also have been here since 8 am are getting more and more tired. People come and people go. Some of them stay. They watch the air passing by, write some essays, listen to some music, watch the others working and write again. Well yeah, I'm one of them. One of those thousand students having their ambitions; having their dreams.
Actually, I'm looking for my motivation, which has gone for a cub of tea between the aspect of social behaviour and classifications of aggression. Studying the whole day is kind of hard. But I highly recommend it to everyone! Over all it's rad! All the new impressions - all the things to learn. I just love it. Oh, and I overcame my usual afternoon-creek. Sometimes it just needs a break and everything's all right then...

I hug all sweetie pies out there and all the other pies as well!

Lots of love and good vibrations.


Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

The dark side of chocolate (1/4)

I know why I'll become a human rights activist! It's weird because we're enjoying chocolate that much. But if we look behind the scenes it's one of the cruelest businesses ever! The most terrible thing is, that government and businessmen know all about the problem and just look away. It's not a problem because they know it... Err, sure it's still a problem because they didn't solve it! 

The dark side of chocolate (4/4)

The dark side of chocolate (2/4)

The dark side of chocolate (3/4)

Freitag, 16. September 2011

More than we wanted

Von Indie-Rock, bis Pop und Electro bis Hip Hop. Alles ist heutzutage vertreten. Ich möchte eine Stilrichtung ganz besonders hervorheben: den Indie-Rock.
    Das schrammen der Gitarre gibt den Auftakt, dann steigt der Bass ein und zuletzt die dumpfen Töne der Base und scheppernde Hi-jaks. Tanzbegeisterte reisst es vom Stuhl. Leute des älteren Kalibers wippen mit dem Fuss. Ist er nicht wunderschön der Indie-Rock?
    Er ist mehr als wir erfahren wollen, er dringt in uns ein, vibriert und lässt unser Herz unregelmässig schlagen. Wir schliessen unsere Augen und geniessen. Geniessen die Tiefe der Musik, bis wir die einzelnen Worte, Musikinstrumente und Rhythmen nicht mehr auseinanderhalten können. Die Klänge umhüllen uns wie eine flauschige Decke und wir geben uns ihr vollständig hin.
    Wir lassen uns fallen in den Strom der Energie. Geben keinen Wiederstand und treiben nach links, nach rechts, geradeaus und zurück. Zum Teil kommen wir wieder zu uns und geniessen den Anblick der Menge. Sie schweben zusammen und sind eins – eins mit der Musik, eins im Kollektiv. Langsam vergehen die Minuten und die Lieder schweifen dahin. Sie werden schneller, und fordernder. Wir schwitzen. Es ist feucht. Die Laser dringen durch den Dunst und lassen Schatten an den Wänden tanzen.
    Müder werden unsere Schritte doch nicht weniger energisch. Wir trotzen der Energie, die allmählich schwindet. Als wollten wir sagen, es beginne erst, sind die Schritte einem Stampfen gewichen. Glück durchfährt jeden Teil der Körper. Jauchzer, Rufe, Schreie sind zu hören.

Nun ist es das letzte Lied

    Wir erwachen Stück für Stück aus der Trance, fangen an zu Klatschen. Der Beifall ist weckend. Mensch für Mensch kommt wieder auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurück. Serotonin und Adrenalin sind fast greifbar. Es soll nicht zu Ende sein. Die Rufe werden dreister und Schreie verlange nach mehr.
    Noch einmal tritt die Band auf die Bühne und mit heroischer Leidenschaft werden die wirklich letzten Lieder genossen. Passion ist spürbar, die Liebe zur Musik fassbar. Die Gefühle überschlagen sich.

Sie sind fertig.

    Tosender Beifall erfüllt den Raum – füllt ihn gänzlich aus, sodass Trommelfelle platzen und Stimmbänder reissen. Er hält an. Hört nicht auf. Nach Stunden, Minuten, Sekunden, verlassen die Leute den Raum.
    Du Trittst raus in die kühle Nacht. Ziehst die frische Luft dankend ein. Sie bläht deine Lungen und bringt deine Energie zurück. Gedanken an den grauen Alltag, werden laut, doch überkommen dich nicht. Zu gross ist die Freude an dem eben Erlebten.

 Ja, der Indie-Rock ist wahrlich etwas Schönes.

Montag, 29. August 2011

make love not war

Am sick in my bed which is always a good time to remember the real  purpose of life. Well, I was dreaming of flowers, San Francisco, my boyfriend, my family and lots of animals. Precisely, we were in San Francisco in a park surrounded by gentle animals (yeah even the animals were gentle), playing the guitar,  singing some songs and dancing around. The atmosphere was enriched with love and seemed to be like in a dreams (in the end it was a dream but it felt so real)...
I woke up and read some things about San Francisco (where I'm going to go in 2 years for a semester or in 3 years for good - yeah, I know it's a long time till then and many things can happen...but it's one of my dreams. However, THAT I'm going to SF is for sure). All those researches made me come across the Woodstock festival in 1969 (yeah sure, everyone knows the famous Hippie festival in the 60ies but do you REALLY know it?). I found out some really interesting things. For example, did you know, that the festival costed 2 Million $ and that the sponsors were bankrupted by the festival but they saved the movie rights and the documentary about Woodstock ten years later made more than their money back. Furthermore, in the beginning Woodstock wasn't mend to be a free event. 186'000 tickets were sold before hand and organisers only anticipated about 200'000 would show up in total. When it became apparent that they were way off in their estimations the fences around the event were ceremonially cut down. This step helped solidify the events vibes of peace, love, and inclusiveness and also caused a lot more concert goers to show up. In total about half a million people in attendance at Woodstock. 
Meanwhile, mainstream media wanted to report the worst of the festival. The event took place on a extremely hot weekend, torrential rain transformed the event side into a giant mud puddle, drug use was massive, and the presents of unsanitary conditions and food shortages were all angles they wanted to play up. Ironically, many sources today say that the amount of drugs consumed at the event where reason for a lack of violence. 
To sum up, we should all live together in the countryside, listen to rock music, take some drugs, make some love and celebrate peace (But always remember "safer sex"). 
Yeah, I reckon that would be a good life. Probably a small farm with livestock and horses somewhere in Cali would be enough for me.
In this spirit I wish you all a good week and lots of love, peace and rock'n'roll. 

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Dancing barefoot

They're an amazing band. saw them yesterday... it's so my style of music :) california's calling!
 Just tried to upload the official clip but it doesn't work on "blogger" - here's the LINK for the super cool clip :) enjoy...

Samstag, 6. August 2011

Not Only the human being has to suffer but also human dependent animals. Who in the end can't decide to either life in freedom or being food production machines of a sick system. 

Despite all endurance for many in the relief camps every help comes too late (first of all older people and children).

Some might find it hard to understand that this is for real, that it is actually HAPPENING NOW. Also that is has to go that far, for us to finally realise that there is clearly something wrong happening in our wonderfully peaceful world and try to do something. But it actually is FACT. People on the other side of the world are starving to death. They're simply unable to do something against their poorness and helplessness. They're fleeing from death to death because when they decide to go for the relief camps they accept a way over hundreds of kilometers through the droughty desert in the blazing sun without water or anything to eat - but as they'd die if they stayed anyway, this cruel way is their only way out (80% of those are children and women of which's children are dying 300 per day). 
     In earnest, we, the people from the western civilisation, are guilty. Due to the fact that we yaw for money, for power, for glory to upgrade our low self-esteem (which is only that low because of the sick system we got) and feel like someone who's important for the world and required by others. Well, yes, nice...isn't it? 
    To sum up, people with low self-esteem caused by the system they live in, who literally have everything and more, create such horrible (nearly that horrible it can't even been couched) situations and make other people suffer their whole life. It's us killing all this poor people, it's us looking at those pictures in newspapers and TV saying "omg, that's so terrible" but in the end doing nothing. No, we're just happy being who we are and not being one of those suffering struggling through the desert with little hope left not to die. 
     Somehow we need to raise our voice against this system and raise our voice to express our discontentment! I'm sure that there are some clevers out there knowing that just WE can actually change the state of things. Let's fight for human rights, let's fight for fair division of the food, and let's fight for our world we are destroying with nearly every breath we take. It has to happen something and it has to happen NOW.


Freitag, 5. August 2011

Groovy Baby

Stumbled upon this absolutely brilliant rock band the other day. Why can't rock be still like that? They're pretty good! Love the outfit and everything. Have you seen the drummer? How amazing is he?!? He's singing and playing the drums - kinda exhausting, isn't it? Definitely persevering! He sort of reminds me of my uncle with his massive headdress. Damn sure this band is wicked!

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Jeez, I'm stunned!

How cool is that? The architecture team Zecc Architects have transformed this historical building in a unique single dwelling: I love its huge spaciousness. It's simply breath-taking. Wow, kinda nervous and really happy I stumbled on this project. How amazing can some architects be?!? They absolutely used the space in the right way and made a magnificent "house" out of it. Would you like to join me going to church? 

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy

Daisy Lowe for the British Esquire magazine by Greg Williams. She's an English fashion model and has done several editorial shoots and commercial advert campaigns and worked as a runway model. She's the daughter of Gavin Rossdale, lead singer for Bush, and Pearl Lowe who finally became a fashion designer. I love the video not only because there's a sexy girl crazily dancing but also because of the composition and the light. Love the furniture and the light "from the back". Great artwork!

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

AUSTRA | Beat and the Pulse (uncut)

The balance of learning versus letting go. Getting the world known in a different way and letting other thing go is the most liberating feeling. This song for example ... I might have been into electro-pop-punk-synthy-music quite a while back, but surely not now. I happened to hear a song from Austra's new album and was immediately re-introduced to that sort of music. What I want to say is that if we can let our thoughts be flexible enough to let go of some prejudice we would experience re-introduction to the world around us constantly. So life would become much more interesting and lively... Just a thought
But anyway. Wanted to post something about Austra quite a while ago - I really fell in love with'em - but somehow I couldn't find the time. The band is a Toronto based trio of vocalist/pianist Katie Stelmanis, drummer Maya Postepski and bassist Dorian Wolf. Katie joined the Canadian Children's Opera at 10, sang for the CAnadian Opera company, and pursued a career in opera (whilst learning viola and piano) until she attendet a punk show and joined a band. INstead of going on to focus on music in college, she listened to NIN and the Knife and started doing production work, deciding she wanted to "make classical music with really fucked up, distorted crazy shit on there." Austra are claimed to be the rising stars from tomorrow. I really love her voice. Unfortunately nowadays good singers are really rare! I got a classical singing education as well and combine it with "crazy shit on there"... So you see, I really must love their music.

Gardens on the tip of the world

Idyllic urban oases offer inspiration to anyone yearning to add nature and serenity to an outdoor living space. Rooftop Gardens showcases some of the most unique and extraordinary outdoor spaces in New York City that urban dwellers have created as retreats from the daily chaos of life. A sumptuous array of gardens ranging in style from working to exotic fills the pages, a diverse selection befitting different scales and changing seasons. From the lush produce garden of Eli’s Vinegar Factory to a glass-enclosed conservatory perched atop Park Avenue in which amaryllis, paperwhite narcissus, and cyclamen grow during the winter months, this stunning portfolio illustrates innovative and original ways to design one’s own outdoor sanctuary—be it sky-high or ground level—and is a must-have for homeowners, decorators, and landscape architects alike.
The description of the the book "Rooftop Gardens: The Terraces, Conservatories, and Balconies of New York" promises a lot. New York's rooftops are amazing. It's definitely worth it having a sit in a cosy armchair and enjoy the lovely view. I highly recommend it. Here a few super cool gardens. They sort of invite me to go there, hang out with'em and enjoy life with idyllic surroundings. Wanna go there? 

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011


Wow, that's hmm.. Can't really find the right words for it. Well, my first thoughts were "Well, yeah... How strange... OMG AGGY!!! ... Uhm, somebody watched too much Harry Potter..." Yes, and I think that's exactly that what I think about it. The clip is a bit strange - I reckon it wants to be deep but in the end it's a bit superficial...?!? Or not? I can't really decide what to think about it. Also the music - It definitely catches the clips mood or the clip catches the music's mood. I'm torn between "Yeah, it's def cool" and "kind of non-sense..." BUT it surely is art - great art because it makes me think about it. Fact is, Aggy is sooooo hot in here! 

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Pervading Beauty

Gemma Arterton (here for the british GQ by Miles Aldridge) was born in Gravesend,  Kent 1986 and was brought up with her sister by their single mother. After working as a makeup salesgirl she took several arts courses at different colleges and finally degreed the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. The role as the Head Girl Kelly in the british film St. Trinian's set her breaking-through (Although it's a teenie movie it still has the british charm and finesse - it's actually that good that I'd recommend it. She also played as the Bond Girl Strawberry Fields in A Quantum of Solace and lately in the Prince of Persia. 
I love her pretty face and here headstrong attitude. She's not the normal hollywood diva and not the complete opposite. She kind of gives the feeling of doing whatever she wants no matter what the consequences are... Which I think is sort of sexy