Montag, 29. August 2011

make love not war

Am sick in my bed which is always a good time to remember the real  purpose of life. Well, I was dreaming of flowers, San Francisco, my boyfriend, my family and lots of animals. Precisely, we were in San Francisco in a park surrounded by gentle animals (yeah even the animals were gentle), playing the guitar,  singing some songs and dancing around. The atmosphere was enriched with love and seemed to be like in a dreams (in the end it was a dream but it felt so real)...
I woke up and read some things about San Francisco (where I'm going to go in 2 years for a semester or in 3 years for good - yeah, I know it's a long time till then and many things can happen...but it's one of my dreams. However, THAT I'm going to SF is for sure). All those researches made me come across the Woodstock festival in 1969 (yeah sure, everyone knows the famous Hippie festival in the 60ies but do you REALLY know it?). I found out some really interesting things. For example, did you know, that the festival costed 2 Million $ and that the sponsors were bankrupted by the festival but they saved the movie rights and the documentary about Woodstock ten years later made more than their money back. Furthermore, in the beginning Woodstock wasn't mend to be a free event. 186'000 tickets were sold before hand and organisers only anticipated about 200'000 would show up in total. When it became apparent that they were way off in their estimations the fences around the event were ceremonially cut down. This step helped solidify the events vibes of peace, love, and inclusiveness and also caused a lot more concert goers to show up. In total about half a million people in attendance at Woodstock. 
Meanwhile, mainstream media wanted to report the worst of the festival. The event took place on a extremely hot weekend, torrential rain transformed the event side into a giant mud puddle, drug use was massive, and the presents of unsanitary conditions and food shortages were all angles they wanted to play up. Ironically, many sources today say that the amount of drugs consumed at the event where reason for a lack of violence. 
To sum up, we should all live together in the countryside, listen to rock music, take some drugs, make some love and celebrate peace (But always remember "safer sex"). 
Yeah, I reckon that would be a good life. Probably a small farm with livestock and horses somewhere in Cali would be enough for me.
In this spirit I wish you all a good week and lots of love, peace and rock'n'roll. 

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  1. Hey, hoffe dir gehts wieder besser.
    Bei uns alles gut. Sind nervös und freuen uns jeden Tag noch mehr!
    Take care. Bis bald Liebe