Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Esst mit Honig geröstete Kürbiskerne und Sonnenblumenkerne
my Mum agreeing that the chocolate-business is horrendously cruel!

Remembering Brighton

Four months passed since I came back from Brighton. Took those photos during my stay there (unfortunately my camera was broken after a few weeks so couldn't capture every breathtaking moment, annoying seagull, or every cup of tea I drank) I always remember Brighton as a peaceful place where freedom is lived how it should be. I'm actually planning my next trip to the UK. Hopefully will get there after my exams in february. Need to stock up on good vibes, which are kinda rare here. Wanna see all the pretty babes again and wanna party hard. Would love to sit in preston park with a really good friend talking about the universe, dancing on the moonlight, or whatever pops up in our minds. How I miss this guy! Even if the UK isn't that far away it still needs time to go there - and as a student u don't really have much. 
    That sounds a bit materialist but I got to buy some new cloths so badly! Since I was in the UK I just can't buy anything here. It's sort of nonsense - way too expensive, not my kind of style, bad quality - you know just conform stuff for too much money. People here just don't want to walk to a different drummer - but I do! Being a free spirit is sometimes not that easy as it seems to be. 
    To all of you who haven't been to Brighton yet (and think the brits are donnish, firm and conservative) I warmly recommend a visit in Brighton for getting some new impressions. It's not San Francisco (as you folks now I love it more than another city) but it's pretty close to it in an english way.

lots of love xxx

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

A regular Uni-Day

Have been sitting in the library for 8 hours (it's 4 pm so will stay here for a bit longer). Folks who also have been here since 8 am are getting more and more tired. People come and people go. Some of them stay. They watch the air passing by, write some essays, listen to some music, watch the others working and write again. Well yeah, I'm one of them. One of those thousand students having their ambitions; having their dreams.
Actually, I'm looking for my motivation, which has gone for a cub of tea between the aspect of social behaviour and classifications of aggression. Studying the whole day is kind of hard. But I highly recommend it to everyone! Over all it's rad! All the new impressions - all the things to learn. I just love it. Oh, and I overcame my usual afternoon-creek. Sometimes it just needs a break and everything's all right then...

I hug all sweetie pies out there and all the other pies as well!

Lots of love and good vibrations.


Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

The dark side of chocolate (1/4)

I know why I'll become a human rights activist! It's weird because we're enjoying chocolate that much. But if we look behind the scenes it's one of the cruelest businesses ever! The most terrible thing is, that government and businessmen know all about the problem and just look away. It's not a problem because they know it... Err, sure it's still a problem because they didn't solve it! 

The dark side of chocolate (4/4)

The dark side of chocolate (2/4)

The dark side of chocolate (3/4)