Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

A regular Uni-Day

Have been sitting in the library for 8 hours (it's 4 pm so will stay here for a bit longer). Folks who also have been here since 8 am are getting more and more tired. People come and people go. Some of them stay. They watch the air passing by, write some essays, listen to some music, watch the others working and write again. Well yeah, I'm one of them. One of those thousand students having their ambitions; having their dreams.
Actually, I'm looking for my motivation, which has gone for a cub of tea between the aspect of social behaviour and classifications of aggression. Studying the whole day is kind of hard. But I highly recommend it to everyone! Over all it's rad! All the new impressions - all the things to learn. I just love it. Oh, and I overcame my usual afternoon-creek. Sometimes it just needs a break and everything's all right then...

I hug all sweetie pies out there and all the other pies as well!

Lots of love and good vibrations.


1 Kommentar:

  1. Hefalump bin stolz auf Dich, finde es sher konsequent wie Du Dich engagierst und einbringst