Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Welcome Fantasia

Albulena Panduri is an outstanding artist from Albania. Her surrealistic pictures lead you in a fantasy world and make you dream. It is definitely worth checking out her other stuff. I fell in love at the first sight! 

Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Beyond Perfection...

Pack your suitcase (suitcases in my case) - we're moving! Oh, how I'd love to live there... Marmol Radziner's desert house is located in Desert Hot Springs, California. It is surrounded by mountains and captures the view of San Jacinto peak. Everything is perfectly coordinated and the surroundings are breath-taking. I can't stop being flabbergasted. This house with all its features is absolutely brilliant, a crowning architectural achievement. Well, I'll probably just head to the USA, marry a rich cowboy and live with him, our 10 children, and our 15 horses in this house...

Into The Blue

Kate in her younger years... 

From Strange And Awkward

Zoë Jaremus is a young photographer who studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She recently won a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design. In her photos the figures are in posed and arranged situations, and stand sometimes for  gender, societal stereotypes, society and the human condition. I especially like her photo-serie "From Strange And Awkward" taken in an out-of-focus-style which gives one the feeling of ephemerality and transience.
And by the way, I do exactly feel like all these women in the photographs at the moment!

Free like a Bird

"I believe that being inside and feeling like one is outside is a key issue in understanding the interior design being produced today, especially In times when environmental awareness is growing and there is a desire to be close to nature."
This is what Fernanda Marques said about her created nearly perfect 250 sq m flat in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The very special and risky issue about this breath-taking flat is, that it is mostly without walls and ceilings. I especially love the interior and the image of living there, listening to the birds singing and being one with the nature. Well, depending on where it is situated smoggy air and noisy interruption are problems with living in this flat. But overall I could spend some time there and enjoy the sunny days... I just wonder what one does with the furniture when it's raining...? 

Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

Everything You Do is a Balloon

Phew, long time no see... I'm slightly stressed at the moment. Am taking the proficiency exam next week and need to organise my flight back. Well, not that difficult one would say - but for me it is, indeed! Bought loads of stuff here and ended up having four huge suitcases (which is on the one hand too much weight for one person anyway and on the other hand...imagine me trying to handle all those suitcases going to the airport :3 that would be quite fun - I would have to recruit some hotties from here who would have to accompany me to the airport). Well, yes - see, it's pretty demanding these days.
I love Boards of Canada. Those two guys know how to create high level electronic music. Time to relax and to gain some energy.