Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Free like a Bird

"I believe that being inside and feeling like one is outside is a key issue in understanding the interior design being produced today, especially In times when environmental awareness is growing and there is a desire to be close to nature."
This is what Fernanda Marques said about her created nearly perfect 250 sq m flat in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The very special and risky issue about this breath-taking flat is, that it is mostly without walls and ceilings. I especially love the interior and the image of living there, listening to the birds singing and being one with the nature. Well, depending on where it is situated smoggy air and noisy interruption are problems with living in this flat. But overall I could spend some time there and enjoy the sunny days... I just wonder what one does with the furniture when it's raining...? 

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