Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

At The Night's Darkest Point Begins The Day

After two terrible nights (nightmares and no sleep) I woke up and had the terrible feeling of being to fat! I was so absolutely frightened of having put on weight that I was like a freaky chicken - Couldn't concentrate and was the whole day absent minded! I bought a scales and went to yoga which was really relaxing. After I had arrived at home I went on the scales and bless god I didn't put on weight! Phew... Oh and something made my day - I went with a friend to the shopping centre for taking some photos for her student-card and the photo was just rad! She looks like a chubby wabbly big thing - what she definitely isn't. We laughed so hardly.. Hope this night will be better! xxx


  1. Mein lieber Schatz
    da bin ich ja froh, dass es dann doch noch ein gutes Ende gegeben hat.

    hefalump mum

  2. cowgirl please send me a sms. my mobile broken....

  3. :) hahaha süessiii i mues gad wieder lache weni da les.. :D