Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Ellen Von Unwerth

Let him suffer...

Need some spanking?

How I love Uma... Sexiness mixed with abnormality. She's all in one.  

Ellen was one of them who discovered Claudia - When Claudia was 17 she worked for Ellen as a photomodel.

Yummy! Eating cake can be a clammy affair...

Emma is not really that woman I would call a sexbomb or a real beauty. She still is the lovely precocious Hermoine who wants to become a wizard... But hell yeah, on these photos she definitely IS sexy!

More Rose please...

Ellen von Unwerth was born in 1954 in Frankfurt, Germany. She is a photographer and director, specializing in erotic femininity. First Ellen worked as a fashion model herselfe before becoming photographer. Now Von Unwerth makes fashion, editorial and advertising photographs.
One of her Idols was Helmut Newton and I thank her for developing a similar style. I love his and I love her work. 

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