Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

James Darling...

Since I saw him in the movie "Penelope" (with Christina Ricci) I couldn't forget this puppy dog eyes. There's such a deeply sadness in them - deep like the sea I would say. You can't get in his mind (yes sure you can't get in anyones mind...but his mind is more hidden than others). Ah yes and by the way he's a scottish actor who played also with Anne Hathaway (Becoming Jane) and Angelina Joli (Wanted). 
James McAvoy is not the typical Hollywood-Man (tall, muscular, broad-shouldered, macho-like...) but an enjoyable complement to them. I like his fineness and this boyish character he's spreading... All in one James is not the usual hottie but he definitely is a HOTTIE

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