Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010


He really is fucking sexy! I couldn't find out his name. I'll work it out. He's that kinda guy that makes me melt away and dream... Yummy!

That photo is so expressive! It's like you could touch and feel the sadness.

I love Burlesque :)

"After studying Law and History of Art in the US and Sweden, Annika Aschberg chose to train as a photographer, after which she worked as an assistant at various locations, including Smashbox Studios in LA. With her modern documentary style and cinematic feel, Annika Aschberg moves effortlessly between different design languages in the photographic sphere. Her images feature a strong presence and an energetic attitude. Her clear sense of fashion runs as a common thread throughout her work, where the model is the main character in the story being told." - CameraLink, Bio Anika Aschberg

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