Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Lindsay's Private Party (Muse Magazine Photoshoot)

Although she is so totally fu*ked up at the moment she's so abnormally sexy. I love the way she moves in this video. My lovely aunt told me a few moths ago yu tsai had been an upcoming photographer. I fell in love with his work at the first sight. It's great. I love the way he stages his models and how he reaches the personality of the stars. Although the stars pose on the photos it seems totally natural.
This video is inspired by the outrageous love affair between johnny depp and kate moss. They used to have it back in the 90ies. That included a lot of chemistry, sex and drugs. The two were big smokers, that's why the cigarette is always present in the video. 


  1. so so, your aunt... she must have style! ;)

  2. oh she totally has! ;) she's so experienced and often an "vorbild" for me ;)
    Bitte, kommt alles von Herzen.